Wednesday, June 04, 2008

June Update: Week 1

As you may or may not know, Sprout received a generous gift from a family foundation to allow us to have a garden manager position for the summer, for the first time ever. This means that we will have someone whose full time duty is maintenance of the garden. This is a tremendous step for us and it means that the garden will be able to produce a much larger quantity of vegetables throughout the summer and fall. It also means that we will able to organize many aspects of Sprout outside the garden that include educational programs and more.

Seizing on the opportunity, I will be the one doing this position. Yes, I have graduated, but I am very excited to stay for the summer and continue work on the garden. I have been here for just over a week and already the garden is looking great. Baylin Coddington came down at the beginning of last week and helped me in preparing the garden and transplanting vegetables from the greenhouse. The space is now looking great and ready to produce.

The vegetables we are growing include: summer and winter squash, carrots, beets, turnips, radishes, lettuces, melons, watermelons, chard, kale, brussels sprout, broccoli, onions, and more. In most cases there are multiple varieties of a type. We are also growing a number of herbs and flowers in the middle section of the garden with the rock pile.

Outside the garden I am currently working with CC Curtiss, the Director of Student Wellness & AOD Education, on an education campaign for the fall and beyond. I am also working with Professor Sue Warren on a freshman seminar that she is offering in the fall entitled "Healthy Choice." I will also be maintaining the Earth Tubs and working with Dining Services on food offerings.

This past Saturday at Reunion Weekend I participated in a panel on sustainability at CC. Also on the panel was Glenn Dreyer, Amy Cabaniss, and a couple of alumni active in sustainability issues. About 50 alumni showed up to the panel and they got very engaged and excited about what we are doing at CC. I spoke mostly about the garden and Earth Tubs. They were very interested and afterward I gave some a tour of both.

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Hello garden manager, if you need any bamboo for stakes I am pruning my grove in New London