Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our first meeting of the semester!

The first Sprout! meeting of the spring '13 semester took place tonight at 8:30 in Cro. Meeting will be held every monday at this time upstairs in Cro. We are already getting off to a great start! This sunday the plastic for the hoop house will be put up by students, and soon we will have solar panels to keep the hoop house warm all winter long. A group of Sproutees went to Groton last Wednesday to a meeting about GMO labeling that was led by Will from Food and Water Watch. The movement to require labeling of GMO foods should pass on the ballot this spring, but there is a campaign of letters, petitions, etc. further supporting the movement, and Sprout! has gotten involved in this very important movement.   We sets goals for the semester which include having more Sprout! events including a dinner which will be held in Coffee Grounds on Feb. 15th. Arthur Learner of New London FRESH will be there to give a talk.