Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Conference

Our conference was yesterday and it was a tremendous success. Each panel (and panelist) was very informative and interesting. The panelists truly displayed their passion for the issues that they talked about. I think everyone left the conference feeling much better informed and still optimistic about where we can go even in the face of so much adversity.

Many people came to the conference from Connecticut College and New London. People also really enjoyed the free Sustainable Lunch featuring local and organic: soups (Mangetout in NL), cheese (Beaver Brook Farm), apples, honey (CC Professor Stuart Woroneki), and bread. There was also fair trade and organic coffee from Bean & Leaf in New London along with some other drinks and baked goods. The live jazz, organized by Brent Thomas, was the perfect touch on a delicious meal.

A special thank you is deserved for all the students who have worked so hard this semester to make this event a reality and to many other members of the CC community, from Dining Services, who donated time and materials, to all of the departments and offices that made donations to this cause. Thank you!

Below are a few pictures from some of the panels and from the lunch. ** The conference was also videotaped so if you are interested in a DVD of the conference please send us an email.

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