Thursday, March 03, 2011

Events yo!

Here are some quick little events updates in the life of Sprout...

Our first event of this semester will probably be the first weekend in April. Dana H. Freyer founder of the Global Partnership for Afghanistan will be speaking about her organization and about the impact of war on the environment in Afghanistan.

Our second event is a Farmer's Cow ice cream tasting and presentation about the Farmer's Cow cooperative and how local agriculture benefits local economies! This will be taking place in Coffee Grounds (because they order from the Farmer's Cow). We are still working on a finalized date with the guy at Farmer's Cow, but thus far, the date is tentatively the second weekend of April (8th or 9th).

The third event is Earth Fest, April 16! Sprout normally oversees the purchasing of food for the picnic. This year, we want to have a workshop on simple gardening! We are expecting to have a local farmer or Art Lerner (or both) come and do a simple demonstration of planting potted plants or something along those lines...

These events are open to the community and we are totally open to suggestions for other awesomely Sprouty events!

Spring garden planning is underway! We should be seeding plants in the green house relatively soon, which means it's seed-choosin' time!