Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sugar Maple Tapping Begins!

It is time. For the second year, Sprout! has begun to tap sugar maple trees on campus in order to make our own, home-collected, maple syrup. This past week, four Sprout! members, Ian Phillips, Stephen Rossiter, Hans Eysenbach, and Eric Dooley-Feldman covered the CC campus scouting out new and old sugar maples to tap. So far five trees have been tapped and we are gathering more supplies to expand our production. After we collect enough sap, we will boil it down to make our very own Sprout! maple syrup. Yum!

Real Food Summit 2009

Wow! What a weekend! February 21st and 22nd marked the second annual Real Food Summit, sponsored by the Real Food Challenge. The Real Food Challenge is a nation-wide campaign and network aimed at offering students the chance to make connections and learn from one another how to increase the amount of fair, local, and organic food on their campuses. This past weekend was full of a variety of workshops and speakers addressing topics such as farm worker rights, food bill policies, sustainable dining systems, recycling of organic waste, and much, much more. Sprout! brought 9 members to the event, one short of the max per school. All of us were extremely excited to meet such passionate, like minded students, and look forward to the event next year!