Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's been a while

Hello loyal Sprout followers!
Firstly, allow myself to introduce...myself:
My name is Lizzy, and I have been deemed official blog writer for Sprout.
Secondly, we are all so terribly sorry for not updating the blog on a frequent basis..or at all really. But THAT means lots of fun updates for ya'll!
Let's get down to the goooood stuff...

Sprout had a pretty busy fall semester. Our fall harvest this academic year was mostly a LOT of tomatoes harvested at weekly workdays. In addition to the tomato explosion, we grew sunflowers, swiss chard, kale, nasturtium- all of which was sold to dining services and at a trial farmers market in our student center.

For Harvest Fest we sold Zoe’s homemade bread, homemade salsa, Celia’s crabapple butter, Anne’s delicious heart-shaped apple tarts and some of our kale and chard. It was a yummy hit!

At the end of November, Sprout hosted the Beehive Collective, a totally volunteer-based organization that uses art to speak out against issues of social and environmental injustices.

[ check 'em out>> ]

In preparation for the blustery winter days that I just cannot get enough of (sarcasm may be applied liberally...), Eli constructed woodframe raised beds for our hardy winter greens. We have found this to be an improvement over our past use of protective insulating plastic cold frames...the plastic covers, my friend, are blowin' in the wind...The garden is currently buried in a bit of snow, but we are making plans for what deliciousness the warmer seasons will bring!

'Tis all for now, ladies and germinating seeds. Until next time,