Monday, September 22, 2008

Garden Update

We had another beautiful day in the garden on Sunday. Things are looking much changed from only a couple weeks ago. We've been pulling out many summer plants and putting in new ones for the Fall and Winter. We are planting many lettuces and cover crops for the colder seasons, expanding on our selection from last year.

Though it may be officially Fall, we are still harvesting Summer crops like tomatoes, peppers, and many others. We've been delivering to Dining Services and also to Catering for events that they have been holding this school year.

We've got many other projects on the horizon. Stay tuned right here for updates.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

4th Annual Sproutfest! featured on CC webpage

Click on the title above to see an article about Sproutfest! on the college's webpage. Stephanie Blennerhassett '11 is featured in the article about our event this past Thursday.

The event was a tremendous success. Many faculty and staff attended. It was orchestrated by Steph, a chair of Sprout, and she was aided by many Sprout members eager to help cook.

All attendees greatly enjoyed the hors d'oeuvre offerings, many asking for recipes. After eating, Misha Johnson, Eric Dooley-Feldman, and Steph gathered attendees to tell them about Sprout. And afterward a tour of the garden was given.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

September is in full swing!

Greetings. All is well here at the Sprout! In the first two weeks, weeks since the beginning of school we have done a tremendous amount in the garden and are now working on a host of different projects outside of the garden. Students are showing up in larger numbers and with more  interest than ever. We had almost 50 people at our first meeting last week and almost 20 at our workdays, which is tremendous. We are now working to form into subcommittee/work-groups to better tackle all of these projects that we have.

In the garden we've been doing a lot of weeding and harvesting. And now we are going to start pulling plants and putting more emphasis on Fall and Winter crops such as peas and lettuces. Luckily Hurricane Hanna wasn't as bad as predicted this past weekend, so there was no severe damage to crops. The majority of the damage came to the sunflowers.