Friday, August 26, 2011

This week's harvest and farmer's market

This is a peach tree that I planted with the help of fundraising from the farmer's market.
Heirloom corn ripening on the stalk. A bean plant is growing up the corn stalk.
This method of growing beans, corn and squash together is called the three sisters.
View of the garden from above.
One day's harvest of cucumbers and yellow squash from the garden.

Hello everyone, I'm Zoe, sprout garden manager and club president. I have been working in the garden and hosting weekly farmer's markets in CRO all summer long. This week was very fruitful for the sprout garden. I sold dozens of cucumbers and tomatoes, along with a few pumpkins, yellow squash, and zucchini in CRO yesterday. Afterwards I sold 12 pounds of cucumbers and 13 pounds of tomatoes to Harris. Earlier this week I sold 14 pounds of tomatoes to Harris, along with a few more cucumbers. The garden is producing extremely well. The weeds are getting a bit out of hand and I am looking forward to more students arriving on campus soon who can lend a hand in the garden. Hurricane Irene is fast approaching, so later today I will head out to the garden to harvest as much as I can before the storm comes. I hope that there will still be something of a garden left after the storm, though I can't have much hope that the sunflowers will stay up. Above are some pictures of the garden from the summer.

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