Saturday, May 09, 2009

A Big Workday May 8th

The labors were intense, but the outcome victorious!

Friday, the last day of classes, provided enthusiastic sunshine for enthusiastic farmers. We planted a good number of beds with squash, cucumbers, beans and peas, but the bulk of the work done was putting the fence back up with a new and improved experimental ground-hog deterrent system (it made us feel good to dig trenches and weigh down the fence with bricks before covering the whole thing over with soil and rugs, anyway. I'm sure the groundhogs were watching and snickering).
the big boss directing his labor force

We also had large machinery come to our aid, operated by Mike, a stalwart grounds employee who spent a few hours of the afternoon in the backhoe lifting the boulders out of our garden. Thanks, Mike!

Eli working hard while Mike & the backhoe make quick work of the boulders

Everyone taking a break to observe the heavy machinery

We also attacked the knotweed and transplanted raspberry bushes!

"call me Stephen scissor hands" taking out the knotweed!

A big thanks to who came out and put in great work on a beautiful day!

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